Buying A Scooter


One of  the most common questions we get here at Hornets HQ is… “Is this a good Scooter to buy?”
Having answered this question many times and many ways we have come up with some simple guidelines to help you buy a scooter.

Yes we know they are cute and cheap. That is all they are. yes you can spend a fortune on a Vespa 50cc, but you will still have the problem. What problem is that? The problem of being UNDERPOWERED. This problem is not a problem of speed or ego or one-ups manship. It is a Safety problem. SAFETY NOT SPEED is why you need at least 125cc Scooter, preferably at least a 150cc. You need the extra power to power out of dangerous situations. You need the extra power to keep up with traffic too, which is also a major SAFETY factor. Have you tried to drive a car at 30MPH on Long Island? Seriously. You do not want to be an obstacle, and at 25-30mph, you are just that. If you can not go any faster to get out of the way, you are a HAZZARD to yourself and anyone else on the road. We do not want you going faster, it is not about that, we want you going safer and it is all about that. We cannot state this any stronger. We have over 16 years of welcoming Scooter riders. new riders usually make 2 major mistakes and here is the second one…

Want to ride? Have Fun? Feel the wind in your face? Well, buying a cheap no-name Scooter will only have you waiting for parts, being told you wasted your money and staring at it all summer in your garage. The Scooter market has been flooded with dozens of cheap unfixable Chinese Scooter that generally cost $1000 or less new. A total waste of your money. If we had a dollar for every time someone asks us where to fix it after it brakes (and it will) we could buy a few new scooters ourselves. We are not kidding. Every year we get new members that show up on these things and soon enough, they are not riding anymore and are completely turned off to scootering because they wasted their money. Major name Scooter brands include: Piaggio, Vespa, Genuine, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco & BMW. If these are too expensive, keep saving, do not waste your hard earned savings on something that will not make you happy. Don’t be fooled! They will tell you “we can get parts” & “We will fix it” That is the voice of greed talking, you are now listening to the voice of EXPERIENCE. Please listen!

We highly recommend getting your Motorcycle License. Even if the Scooter you buy does not require one, Get it. It is easy. If you know how to ride, then this is not a problem. Is it? If you do not know how to ride, then learn and get your license now. There are many things that people can learn and need to, even if they have been riding for years. You can never be too safe! Don’t forget to get a good DOT approved Helmet and a Jacket with built in protection. Flip Flops & a T-Shirt is very wrong no matter how hot is!

4. OK, OK, I GET IT!
Many of us however have been here, have a license, but need advice when buying a scooter anyways. Upgrading to a bigger Scooter takes knowledge too. Aren’t you glad you found this page? You may be used to your valiant little scooter, but some riders go bigger. Bigger scooters are more Motorcycle like, less nimble and heavier. More power also comes along and as they say in Spiderman… “great power requires great responsibility” It does. Take your time when upgrading. Do not over estimate yourself and do not feel pressured by your friends that say “when are you going to buy a real bike”. They are not Scooterists and are not the people to take advice from, no matter how great they think their bike makes them. You are a Scooterist, not a Biker so…

Scoot On…