We are The Hornets Scooter Club of Long Island. This is our 20th Anniversary! We are the only active Scooter Club in the Long Island/ NYC area. Active means we RIDE Scooters. We do not post or chat about them online, We are the real deal. The only way to join us is to RIDE also. You can follow our adventures on Facebook, but to be a member, you have t show up, in-person on your scooter and take a ride.  That is all, no forms, no dues, no drama. Ride, isnt that what you bought a Scooter for?

We meet every Sunday, year round. If the weather is good, we ride, if not we meet anyway, we drive our cars, we are also a Social Club. If you want friends that are into Scooters, you found them. From 50cc and up, any brand, any style, you are welcome. All we ask is that you ride with us legally. Contact us for more info.

Scoot on…. 
Marbles Mahoney
Founder & President